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MCCB  Chicago

&   时尚食谱

Modern Chinese Cook Book

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Wed - Mon 12pm to 9pm

Tuesday OFF


One of the most Modern &

Authentic Chinese Restaurant 

@ Chicago


As Chinese food getting more and more popular in America, it is quite important to provide customers the most authentic and creative dishes, and ultimately, all of these dishes must be special, representative, and delicious. That said is the mission for team MCCB (Modern Chinese Cook Book), founded by four experienced and energetic food enthusiasts who have been in the Chinese food industry for over ten years.

The top specialty from us is Charcoal Grilled Whole Fish, a street-style food originated from Chongqing, China. We charcoal grill the wild-caught tilapia first, then soak the fish in a hot chili broth filled pan, served on the table on top of stylish and exquisitely carved stand, with the continual charcoal grill as a must process to enjoy this dish. There is also an option to select your favorite meat or vegetables to cook in the broth, which will bring you a fantastic exciting taste beside the tender whole fish. 

When going back to standard, our special Sichuan and Canton style cuisine will offer you the most delicate traditional and innovative selections including Iron Basket Chili Prawn, Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu, Icy Okra, Crispy Lemon or Pina Colada flavored shrimps, with all these preliminary hints of our creations, we truly expect your visit as an adventure to explore the great modern Chinese food, and team MCCB is dedicated to ensuring the best of your experience. 

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